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I recently splurged a bit and bought some new things that I wanted and I ended up spending a lot more than I normally do. However, I have been feeling like I only wear a handful of clothes over and over and it makes it feel like I don't really have much so I felt I needed some new stuff to wear. I probably won't be buying much anytime soon because of that, but it's always good to treat yourself every now and then! I did order all of this online and I haven't gotten any of it in the mail yet but I will link everything so you can check the items out if you like any of them. Keep on reading to see all of the new things I got, and I hope you like this post!

I love the style of clothes offered at UO, but their items are a little bit out of my price range. Because of that I just wait until the items I like go on "sale" (clearance, really) and I buy them then at a much better price. A lot of their items hit clearance with lots of sizes left, so always make sure to check out their "sale" section! Anyways, here is what I got from UO:

(photo credit urban outfitters)
I have been wanting this type of hat for a while now and when I found one for only $15 I just had to buy it! It is technically a men's hat, but I know it will fit because I have a bigger head and women's one size fits all is usually a little too small for me. I know I'm going to love this hat, you can easily throw it on when you're not having a great hair day, or add it to an outfit to make it a little more casual and relaxed.

(photo credits urban outfitters)
When I saw this tank I thought of all the cute ways I can layer it for the fall and decided that I had to have it. It's also actually hot until mid October where I live so until I can layer it for fall/winter I know I'll get use out of it in the long, hot, California summer!

I have only recently started shopping at AE and it is becoming a new favorite of mine, The clothes are a little bit pricey, but they usually have pretty good sales and clearance items at great prices. The quality is also really nice, so I don't mind spending a little more on their clothes,
(photo credit american eagle)
AE's jeans are incredibly comfortable and they fit me very well, and it is usually a little hard for me to find well fitting jeans because of my shape. I also got these for $19.98, so it was an awesome deal!

(photo credit american eagle)
The jegging style denim at AE is nice because they are tight but still have stretch to them. I also like the fact that they actually have a zipper and button rather than just a stretchy waistband like most jeggings. I paid about $42 for these so it was slightly better than regular price, but they were still a little expensive.

(photo credit american eagle)
I don't usually like light wash denim but for some reason these really caught my eye. I'm excited to see what outfits I come up with for these, as I got these at $22.99 which was a steal!

(photo credit american eagle)
I love bralettes! I do not have very large boobs so I love that I can get away with wearing bralettes instead of real bras that have wire in them. I have a ton from AE so when I saw they had this new one I knew I needed to try it out because their others are so comfortable. I haven't gotten it in the mail yet but I'm sure it's going to be really nice. I also got this on sale for 20% off with a coupon I had so that was an added bonus!

(photo credit american eagle)
This just really caught my eye and I don't have anything like it so I decided to get it! I don't think this color is in stock online anymore, but they do have other colors so I still linked it for you.

I haven't actually bought anything from F21 in a while but I figured I'd just check out their website and see if anything caught my eye this time and I ended up ordering a few things.

(photo credit forever 21)
This will be my first moto jacket! I've always loved the look of this kind of jacket but I've never found one that was a good price or wasn't too detailed. I found this for an awesome $21 so it was hard to pass up. I'm excited to get this and start adding it to outfits to add a little something extra to my very basic outfits.

(photo credit forever 21)
I love this style of shoe and they were only $15 so I just had to get them. They will be perfect with a casual outfit with jeans or you could easily wear them with a dress or a nicer outfit.

(photo credit forever 21)
I have seen so many people wearing this type of choker and I think they are so cute so when I found this for $4.90 I knew it was meant to be. If I don't end up liking it I won't mind because it was so cheap but it I like it that's awesome because it barely cost anything!

Thanks for reading this post! Once I actually get all of these items in the mail I will probably do another post styling them so that you can get a better idea of what they look like. 
Talk to you next time!
Jennifer x

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