Sunday, January 18, 2015

What's on My Bookshelf

my bookshelf and what i'm reading

      I thought that it would be interesting to show what books I've read and what books I have that I am still waiting to read. I recently got a few books for Christmas and I bought myself some back in November, so my waiting list has gotten quite long. 
These aren't all of my books, but it's a good majority of them (I still have some in boxes from when we redid my room a few years ago...I should really get on that). I know that some people arrange their books in color order, alphabetically, or by genre, but as you can see I prefer to arrange them by height.  
Back in November I decided to buy myself all of Malcolm Gladwell's books. I had read Blink my senior year in high school and absolutely loved it, the book was a nice change from the typical young adult books and I was always talking to people about the book, despite the fact that they usually didn't care about it at all. Along with loving Blink, my oldest brother had read most of Gladwell's books, so I figured I would buy them all so I could eventually read them. However when I bought them, I was busy with school and work and it was the holidays, so hopefully I will get a chance to read them soon.
A few books that I got from my sister-in-law and my cousin's soon to be wife. So far I've only read Speak, but I think that I'm going to be reading Don't Worry, It Gets Worse next.
I also bought myself Grace's Guide back when it came out, and from the parts that I have read it is very good. I probably read half of it before I got busy with school, but it is extremely funny and well written.
      I hope this was somewhat enjoyable, and I'll work on making more interesting posts.
      - Jennifer


Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Bit About Me

a bit about me
      I figured since in the off chance that I do get some people that come to enjoy my blog I would make a post saying a little bit about me. So, here is a list of odd facts about myself and a few pictures so you get the idea of who I am.

  1. My name is Jennifer, and I was named after my mom's best friend (first and middle name).
  2. I have three siblings that are older than me, and one that is much, much younger than me (my dad and step-mom had him) so I still see myself as the youngest child because that's how I grew up, and my little brother is more of like a family's kinda hard to describe the whole situation simply. 
  3. I live in Northern California, and I absolutely love it here. I practically live right in the middle of San Francisco and Sacramento, so there's always somewhere to go on trips with my family. 
  4. I absolutely love camping and just outdoors in general.  With that, I must say that I could easily go without the internet/my phone for a few days without a problem, and I enjoy doing so every now and then. 
  5. I have two nephews, and they bring me so much joy in life, I don''t know what I would do without them
  6. I am currently going to a community college working on getting my associates degree in architecture technology. 
  7. My favorite show is the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon...he's pretty much hands down my favorite celebrity.
  8. I have lots of freckles...
  9. Penguins are my favorite animal.
  10. I enjoy doing artsy things, and am looking forward to what I will create this year.
      And now that I gave you some (very lame) facts about myself, here is what I look like...                    

Friday, January 16, 2015

A New Year, a New Blog

2015: ablogwithjennifer
      Last year I had the idea to have an Instagram account where I would post a picture of something I did that day for the entire year.  It was a great idea, in theory.  I thought that I would do it because there were a lot of big things happening in my life in 2014.  In 2014 I turned 18, graduated high school, went to Disneyland with my friends, was a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding, was a grooms-woman in my brother's wedding, started college, and got my first job.  I knew that all of those big events were going to take place so I thought it would be a fun idea to document the whole year and all the exciting things that were to happen.  However, in reality, there were more days that I did almost nothing and didn't have anything to take a picture of, or when I did do something exciting I would forget to take a picture because I was enjoying the moment.  I'm glad that I did it because now I will be able to look back on my 2014, but I'm also glad that I don't have to continue on this year.  But because I was able to somewhat successfully (I have some interesting posts on that Instagram) keep a log of my year and do something that I can look back on, I decided that I wanted to do something similar this year.  Along with wanting to do something the entire year again, one of my "resolutions" for the year is to be more creative.  I think it's good to have a way to express yourself and I like to do creative things, but am often stuck for ideas.
      So my idea for this year is this: do small creative things every month/week depending on how busy I am with school and family (maybe work, not too sure about that currently).  So I will do my little projects and then take pictures and post them on this blog with a little description, or I will write something here, maybe even just make a wishlist of a some items that I have my eye on, or music/books that I am loving. This will be a way to show my projects and say what's on my mind.
      Realistically I probably won't have anyone that actually reads this, but like my Instagram from last year, I will be able to look back on it and see what I have accomplished during the year.  Here's to a year of having a blog, and hoping that it goes well!