Sunday, January 18, 2015

What's on My Bookshelf

my bookshelf and what i'm reading

      I thought that it would be interesting to show what books I've read and what books I have that I am still waiting to read. I recently got a few books for Christmas and I bought myself some back in November, so my waiting list has gotten quite long. 
These aren't all of my books, but it's a good majority of them (I still have some in boxes from when we redid my room a few years ago...I should really get on that). I know that some people arrange their books in color order, alphabetically, or by genre, but as you can see I prefer to arrange them by height.  
Back in November I decided to buy myself all of Malcolm Gladwell's books. I had read Blink my senior year in high school and absolutely loved it, the book was a nice change from the typical young adult books and I was always talking to people about the book, despite the fact that they usually didn't care about it at all. Along with loving Blink, my oldest brother had read most of Gladwell's books, so I figured I would buy them all so I could eventually read them. However when I bought them, I was busy with school and work and it was the holidays, so hopefully I will get a chance to read them soon.
A few books that I got from my sister-in-law and my cousin's soon to be wife. So far I've only read Speak, but I think that I'm going to be reading Don't Worry, It Gets Worse next.
I also bought myself Grace's Guide back when it came out, and from the parts that I have read it is very good. I probably read half of it before I got busy with school, but it is extremely funny and well written.
      I hope this was somewhat enjoyable, and I'll work on making more interesting posts.
      - Jennifer


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